DrySyn Classic (1ml - 500ml)

DrySyn Classic was the first DrySyn ever developed, but it is still a best seller due to its simplicity.

It consists of a base which will accommodate a 1000ml flask, has adjustable and removable feet which allow fitment to any magnetic hotplate stirrer, and of course our permanently attached heat resistant safety lifting handles.  There is a range of inserts for the base to allow flasks of 500ml, 250ml, 100ml and 50ml to be used in one tidy, clean package. 

  • Powerful stirring and great visability of reaction
  • Inserts adapt the block for smaller round bottom flasks in sizes 50/100/250/500ml
  • Space to insert probe for temperature control
  • Heat resistant handles for easy and safe lifting
  • Solid aluminium base takes 1000ml flask
  • Safe temperature ramping to 300oC
  • Safe, clean synthesis without the dangers of oil
  • Fits standard hotplate stirrers including IKA and Heidolph
  • DrySyn Classic complete kit comprises 1 x 1L base with heat resistant handles, plus 1 each of 50/100/250/500ml insert