LPS introduces DrySyn by Asynt

Historically, chemists have used oil baths or heating mantles to heat reactions in roundbottomed flasks. However, oil baths have an inherent fire risk and, as the flashpoint of silicon oil decreases with repeated use, the risk of fire becomes even greater as time passes. The cleaning of inevitable oil spillages is very time consuming. Oil baths can also emit toxic fumes and polymerise with high temperatures.

Driven by increased awareness of safety and productivity demands, the requirement for an alternative resulted in the introduction of the DrySyn heating & cooling block range. The DrySyn range of heating blocks enable clean, safe synthesis for single or multiple reactions. It is now the proven alternative to oil baths and mantles, guaranteeing clean, safe synthesis while achieving the highest possible heating performance using anything from 1ml vials to 5000ml flasks.

The use of inserts means that the base can be changed from a single reaction platform in a round bottomed flask to one able to perform parallel synthesis with up to 12 reactions, ideal for small parallel libraries of compounds, reaction screening/optimisation and polymorphism/crystallisation studies.