LPS B.V. with its divisions "Technology + Service and Chemistry" has been a household name in the laboratory, pilot and process industry for years.

Over these years, LPS b.v. has built up an extensive expertise in Technology and Chemicals. Therefore, they have gained a recognized reputation as a supplier & service provider within its fields of operation. We are as much committed to uphold these values as from the day we have started the company!

Recently, several developments have occured at LPS B.V, on which we very much like to inform you.

LPS B.V Technology + Service division: remains unchanged.

Your point of contact for all standard / custom-tailored technical equipment and spares, up to complete high-tech customization of technical setups in the field of laboratory and pilot plants, remains unchanged. LPS B.V. co-founder John Janssen and his team will be available for all your inquiries and requirements.

(Please find LPS B.V. contact information below)

LPS B.V. Chemistry division: transfers to Actu-All Chemicals B.V.

All known and trusted LPS Chemistry employees are making the transition to Actu-All Chemicals B.V. They will remain your point of contact for all your chemicals, special formulation chemicals and requirements.

(Please find Actu-All b.v. Contact information below )

John Murphy - since 1994 co-at the helm of LPS B.V - will take his leave from the company and his life’s-work in the coming 5 months. Nonetheless, he will do so with the reassuring thought that this transfer will leave his esteemed customers and dedicated suppliers unaffected.

Actu ‐ All Chemicals B.V.

A young and fast-growing company with tried and tested personal who have earned their spurs in the Chemical industry and have gained a renowned reputation.

Business Partners Bert Snoeyink, Guido van der Wal and Sjonni van Oosterwijk behold great opportunities in the combination of the two companies together, each other's invaluable experience and specific benefits to combine and further mature into a successful healthy organization.

Both companies will continue and strive to fulfill your requirements, each in their own specialisms!

Randmeer 36
5347 JW Oss

Tel: +31 (412) 66 9 633

Actu-All Chemicals B.V.
Randmeer 36
5347 JW Oss

Tel: +31 (412) 66 9 644