Schlenk lines and solvents

Schlenk lines

The main technique for the preparation and handing of air-sensitive compounds (water, oxygen) is best known as the Schlenk line. Our partner Normag offers complete lines in several configurations, as well as individual components to configure your own lines.


In synthetic chemistry many operations must take place in an anhydrous environment in order to prevent alterations, the occurrence of side reactions and reduced yield. CARLO ERBA anhydrous solvents eliminate the need for anhydrification of the solvents on site, while ensuring consistent and reliable results over time. These production processes are optimised and controlled to obtain the highest degree of purity and minimum water content. The packaging materials used are ideal for preserving product quality, and the products are available in various sizes.

Returnable containers

These solvents can also be supplied in returnable containers, which provides numerous advantages in safety and quality, and cost-efficient logistics.