AccuTOC, Low Level TOC EQA

External Quality Assurance (EQA) on pharmaceutical TOC

EQA, sometimes referred to as Proficiency Testing (PT), is an important aspect of any laboratory operation. EQA provides a means of assessing analytical performance against other laboratories using the same (or similar) method and instrument.

EQA is designed to help monitor laboratory performance using 'blind' samples, analysed as if they were product samples. EQA results are submitted to the scheme organiser for statistical analysis; each individual laboratory will then receive a report, anonymously comparing their performance to other participants.

The main objective of EQA is to develop inter-laboratory comparability and standardisation of analytical testing. After the study round has closed, each participant is sent a full summary report including an individual performance score along with comparative data against peers. A unique reference ensures each participant’s data remains anonymous throughout the summary report.

We have two rounds coming up. Please download Eqa 201707 for more information.