Customised reagents

As a specialist in ready-to-use reagents, salts and standards for chemical analyses in the laboratory, our partner Bernd Kraft maintains more than 10,000 research laboratory chemicals in its portfolio as a kind of base stock. What makes Bernd Kraft truly unique is its customization service, providing custom-made solutions and reagents according to customer specifications.

Customised, ready-to-use reagents save you time, resources and direct costs in your laboratory, and may in fact improve the quality of your analytical results by elimating potential errors as a result of in-house preparation of standard solutions.

Allow the analyst to analyse. Elimate the planning, purchase and stocking of materials, and skip in-house preparation and testing of standard solutions. We provide custom-made solutions and reagents according to exact enduser specifications such as:

  • Reagents for analytical testing, for both lab and on-line analysis
  • Buffer solutions
  • Solvent mixtures
  • ICP standards
  • Standards for ion chromatography
  • Standards for AOX, TOD, TIC and TOC
  • Standard solutions for photometry

The complete range of Bernd Kraft products can be found here.